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Our Pricing is Unique. 


One of the most important things we do with regards to pricing is to separate our time (session shoot) from the Product (Printing Options).  This separation affords you the ability to pay for your session and then later buy your product.


After your session, we will store your images in a Private Gallery on a sister website (  This gallery is only accessible via an Access Code. You may share your access code with friends and family who can purchase those product items at their discretion.


This separation of time and product affords you the opportunity to make a decision now or later.  Unlike days of old, where the photographer decided which images were good and chose them for you, you have full control over which images you want.  And, with the wide array of printing options, you can do everything from designing your own photobook to creating metal or glass prints. Your orders are sent to our printing companies using the latest encryption technology and delivered to your door within days of ordering.


This option puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you full control over your photo packages.  We also have post session interviews or In-Person Interviews, where together we can examine the images, discuss the types of edits you like, and process the images to your specific instructions.  Either way, you are always in control. 

Your images are also available for immediate downloading and sharing on your favorite social media (Instagram, Pinterist, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and much more), with just the click of a button.  Another advantage is that our Galleries are secure. They are also perpetual and will be there forever. 

What's really cool is that you can build your Gallery up over time with the additional images from a baby shower, to birth, to first birthday, to first day at kindergarten, to first recital, to graduation, to engagement, to marriage, and on and on.  With your Access Code and your Gallery’s privacy settings, you will have your own electronic photo album, which will last a life time and you will be able to control access to it. 


Our affordable sitting fee is $200 per hour for our Standard Package. We also offer Mini Sessions and Comprehensive Sessions; and, we offer a Special Ambassador Program as well, which has huge discounts and waives session fees.  We also have discounts for multi-hour events. .


No need to worry about affordability.  Our pricing structure is designed to get the job done first and handle the image purchasing later.  We take advantage of today’s technology and we put it to work for you.


Give us a try.  


Call us now, our cameras are waiting. 

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