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Who Am I?


I am Chas Mills Productions.

My name includes Productions rather than Photography, because it my goal to "produce" quality work, and your experience with us along with the final outcome will be a Production grade result. 

For nearly 25 years, I worked as a Radiographer, which is a medical profession that uses radiation to peer inside the human body.  I really enjoyed learning the science behind this type of medical imaging. It required a college degree and with that degree there were standards to uphold.  Today, it serves as the backbone for my knowledge, integrity, and pursuit of perfection in Photography.


I am a Portrait Photographer.  My specialties are Individual Portraits, Event Photography, Themed Photography, including special Cosplay Composites,  Renaissance Era Photography, Corporate Head-shots, Sports Posters and Model Portfolios.

At Chas Mills Productions, my staff and I are dedicated to making sure you have the perfect experience.  Our studios are simple but effective.  We get the job done and because we keep our overhead low, we only charge what we are worth.

Once we complete the interview session to determine your needs, then the fun really begins.  From start to finish, you can be involved in the process.  Or, if you just want us to create or recreate a vision for you, then you can leave everything up to us.  If Cosplay is involved then your ideas are really important to us as we seek to create the specific vibe you desire.


Whether it is a Senior Portrait, Renaissance themed photosession, a standard Corporate Headshot, or a Sports Composite Poster,  I am the Photographer that can get you the specific look you want and make all your dreams come true.  So, contact me and let the creativity begin.


Call me. 912.604.3747





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